Thursday, 25 November 2010


Vesa Silver is the most popular mens fashion blogger in Finland. He is also known from working behind the scenes in the Finnish versions of Top Model and Project Runway television shows. Vesa is wearing a jacket by Lamin Marong, a knit by Tiger of Sweden Jeans, a bag by Tiger of Sweden, jeans by Dr Denim, boots by Underground, a scarf from Pieces and fingerless gloves from JC. Silver was filmed in Hernesaari, Helsinki. It is an old industrial harbour area that is soon to be under reconstruction. Vesa's blog Silver can be found here.

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  1. Copy & Paste this code:
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

  2. Like all the other vids, cringe.
    About the outfit:
    Think this look is too pushed and seems as if Silver is trying too hard. I've seen a handful of these replicates in Finnish blogs (be it male or female) and I'm not buying it.

  3. Visuaalisestihan video on ihan ok, mutta mitä hissimusaa tossa taustalla soi? Eikö olisi hyvä, että kuvattavat saisivat valita ääniraidan omaan videoonsa? Musiikkimaku on kuitenkin aika iso osa ihmisen identiteettiä (ainakin mulla) ja olisi mukava kuulla mitä musaa ihmiset kuuntelevat ja miten se kenties näkyy heidän tyylissään. Just a thought:-)

  4. Kiitos Esa. (in english now). Regarding the music, sure this one is a bit cheesy. However would be amazing to be able to choose any song in the world. Therefore, due to the fact that there are still valid copyright laws, we cannot and have to use certain music clearing libraries.

    If you know people who wish to contribute or are one yourself, please get in touch :D

  5. Hei, tykkään tosi paljon videoiden tyylistä. Mutta mua kiinnostaa minkälaista kalustoa käytätte? Eli jotain teknistä infoa olis kiva tietää.

    Or was I suppose to ask in English? :D

  6. Hei Siiri. The videos are filmed with a Canon 7D and a Sigma 20mm 1.8 lens.


  7. This looks amazing. Stylish clothes and great cinematography at its finest.

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