Style the City is a video blog (vlogazine) to show off styles people have in different cities. We do this by creating awesome videos for anyone to publish. Latest videos appear on this site every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 (GMT +02:00). Currently we have been filming in Helsinki and San Francisco, are planning to add Tokyo, London, Dublin and NYC as soon as possible and are vey excited about this! :)

The vision of the project is to publish videos everyday from all around the world and share them to different websites (media, blogs etc.) to inspire people.

How did this start?
All the team members have been doing different projects together before and the projects have always been about styles, fashion, online videos and blogs. This project was a sum of many test filmings, discussions and passion. The first test shoot was done on August and the site was published on November 2010.

Media Quotes:
"What hooks viewers is not only the interesting fashion sense shown in the videos but the art of the video themselves. Shot in a way that is reminiscent of fashion’s top house previews, Style the City’s videos go beyond the lens to create unique experiences for each visitor."

"Style the City Vlogazine AKA the Sartorialist in Motion
Fashion Makes Me Horny

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