Aurora Pöntinen - A twenty something fashion editor/ blogger and student from Helsinki, Finland. Things I love the most are fashion, urban phenomena, interesting debates and long brunches in weekends. You will find me in the streets of central Helsinki, flea markets, bars, local grocery store in Sörnäinen and occasionally in her second hometown, Turku. Nothing fascinates me as much as style.com and street style sites. You can find Aurora's blog here: Auroran henkarit

Helene Auramo - Hello, I'm Helene. Some might say I'm quite busy. Which is very true. My time goes to ZipipopIndiedays (the biggest fashion blogger site in Finland) & StyleLoving (helping people to share their style finds on the web). Read more from my Linkedin profile.

Style the City project is a creative hobby for me, in which I can study how online videos and style can be merged together. I am interested on how videos can be used to portrait people and cities. Is style of the city formed by people and their styles? Can the city be given a new soul by people and their styles? One extra reason why I enjoy this project so much is that my fiance Teppo and I can share this passion together. :)

Teppo Hudson - Founder and CEO of Videoflow, a company focusing to develop video monetising and distribution solution for producers, bloggers and media.  In addition I am a service designer and steer the development of social multi-platform television Stadi.TV for the City of Helsinki. I am an avid filmmaker and editor, interested in video art, travelling and context relevant video production.

In Style the City I am interested to understand how the style of a city forms using an artistic approach of video. Using this approach, I wish to be able to create a network of videographers to work together on this and other projects. My personal blog is Global Nomad.
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Tuukka Laurila - A fashion blogger, a marketer from Helsinki School of Economics and an Internet enthusiast. I grew up basically skateboarding or snowboarding every day, and a big part of it was to film my friends.

I have always been into styles, clothes and design. Filming and finding things to film for Style the City within the world of fashion is a combination where I can put together many of my greatest passions. I hope that trough Style the City I can inspire you with showing interesting and inspiring people, styles, details and atmospheres.

More about me and my interests in my blog Material World of Tuukka.